Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cross Country by Ana Bloomfield

"Man" I said tiredly. Today it Cross Country I didn’t want come to school today but I didn’t want to do that just because it was cross country. So I went to school. "Hi everyone" I said, "Hey Ana" they said back. It was time to get ready to run.

Then we all went to the court sitting down waiting for all the classes to come to the court. while waiting for all the classes we had a run to be fit. "Is everyone here" Mr burt said. He is the principal, he called all the class from room 1 all the way to room 24.

Everyone was here k lets get started. "NO NO I don't want to Run" I shouted, "why" asked my teacher, "because I don’t like running" I replied. But they said no I had to run. I would be at home right now but instead I am at school running, I hate this day. OK here we are on the starting line.

GO we went like a gun shooting, I was coming first but then I had to STOP, because I was so tired I could not run. I was so angry at myself. It was like past in hour and I was still running. Finally I could see the finish line. "Yeah" I shouted, I am at school now and I don't know what I came but I was still proud of my self.

Rugby training for under 40 kg by Tame Graham

Today I am writing about my rugby training. Yesterday the under 40 kg’s had a game with the under 50 kg it was a hard game. I was for the under 40 kg’s team. they were little but they were strong.I was sweating huffing and puffing but I still tackled some people.

You should of been there it was freezing cold so that’s why I stood in one spot to keep myself warm. The grass was muddy and cold that’s how I had a frozen foot it felt like it was gonna come off. But it didn’t. finally I got the ball I was using all my speed but then I slipped. It was sour because when I slipped some one dunked my head.

We lost by one Point we were terrified but at the end it was all about having fun.I can’t wait until the real game it’s tomorrow that’s what we need to worry about. Because there a bigger boys then my team.

Having a BBQ by Aldora

"One dollar for a sausage" Mr Marks shouted with a big angry voice, we were doing a barbecue. I was so excited to start because I was starving. I was so happy that we were doing a barbecue.

While other people were cutting the onions Mr Marks was doing the barbecue I could smell a yummy taste. It was making me hungry.The smell was so strong it made my tummy rumble.

After they all cut the onions and the sausage was ready, the girls lined up and got a napkin with a bread on it and inside of the bread was a sausage wrapped inside. Then they finally came to me so I could squeeze tomato sauce onto their sausage.

Finally it was my turn to line up. I had a nice napkin and inside of the bread and inside was a yummy sausage. Then I squeezed my favourite sauce on top of my sausage.

Hmmm I said happily to myself, looking at my sausage with greedy look. I was so excited to take my first bite. Finally I took my first huge bite.It was so incredible. I was nearly full. “I want another sausage” I whispered to myself.

Having a barbeque was so fun. Then I realised that everybody was crying because the onions were making them cry. Lucky I didn’t cut the onions. I was so relieved that we were finished. I had a great afternoon cooking with my classroom.

Bounce Bounce by Annliz Havea

“Oh man” I shouted, I can’t do the jump stop. Everyone stared at me I got nervous. Dribbling the ball to the line as i pivot when i got there. It was really awkward. It was difficult to stop when I was doing the jump stop.

Next we had to run to the line and jump stop, then pivot and put the ball around our waist three times. It was so, so exhausting. I hated to go twice so i told my team to go very slow.

After all that exhausting, amazing new tricks we learnt. It was time for us to head back,That day was a challenging day. I hope we get to do this another day.

Lee's Cross Country Experience

Hey Pt England did School Cross Country!! My team was Takitimu (Yellow). It was great my shoes were dirty I will tell you the whole story.

I could feel the adrenalin pumping in my body. I was very nervous about this, we all knew we had to run one kilometer.Mr Burt said “On your marks, get set, GO!!” I started to jog for a bit. The first puddle “Oh No” I said to myself. I ran through the puddle I was soaked but I still ran over the bridge.

One of the girls said “Which way do we go” and I said “Go left” then we both went left. When we were up to the steps we almost fell over going down. Then out of nowhere a puddle appeared and I got more wet then I was already. I finally got out of the swamp and I ran onto the grass.

But when I was running on the grass I started to sink in the grass as if it was quicksand!!. All of the teachers, mum’s and dad’s were cheering on their kids near the finish “GO!! GO!! GO!!” said the parents near the line I almost fainted but I was so close I didn’t want to give up. I was proud that I came 1ST place.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meleane Cross Country

Clap clap clap! There goes  Mr Burt hitting against  a piece of wood, “that was the start of cross country” I said. So off I go running towards the smelly muddy creek feeling already dehydrated, looking at my friend asena coming first.

I hurtled along the zigzag tracks and wondering where was my friend Ana. I said to myself “what a dangerous broken bridge”. Suddenly I was coming 4th and I knew that I was feeling accomplished I was proud of myself and what I have done.

Yes! I said to myself with an exhausted voice, I was nearly at the finished line. So I sprinted like a cheetah running towards a car. Finally I was finished, I felt like I was in a tan machine. That was a EXHAUSTING DAY!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meleane Best Rugby training ever!!

DALINGLING! “Yes the bell has rung” I said quietly to myself. Bursting off with excitement getting ready to go to our rugby training. I rushed to the toilets and immediately got changed before I was late.

Walking with my friends towards the field we saw Miss Vaafusuaga setting up the cones. First we did some warm ups and we played a game called survivor tag. Then we practiced our plan that we created yesterday and we did some cuts and draw and pass.

After we finished our game I was so relieved that we were finished. When I got changed I said to myself “what a good training” screaming out loud. Walking  really slowly back to class I took a sip of water so I didn’t get dehydrated. I bet training is better than playing on the playground I said quietly to myself. This is the BEST day ever!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Exhausting Running

“Oh No not again cross country training is about to begin”I said to my friend Annliz . The worse part of running is going to  Pt england reserve back to school and back to the the reserve. I just wish that we could run just halfway to the the reserve and back.

“Can all year five girls please stand against the wall” said Mr Marks. “Filling so infuriated right now” I said quietly to myself.  So here I go running towards Miss King already filling dehydrated. As I kept running it was like a lots of cars in traffic.

“Yes almost back to school” I said to Annliz, coming past Mr Marks feels like I'm inside a sizzling frying pan. Finally cross country training is finished, walking back to the classroom “I'm so exhausted” said to myself can’t have enough!