Thursday, June 28, 2012

My favourite piece of Painting.

Wow! This is the best painting that I have seen in my life. I wish I could paint like that one day. I really like the feathers and the Tongan patterns, even the shiny gold glue. The person that inspired the masterpiece was Latu. I'm  pretty sure he is a famous artist.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meleane Youth town

Coming out of the bus getting ready to enter the beautiful studio, Youth town! I was so excited when are class was making clay first. We finally got to the room and got started making the clay. On my way to go and sit down I put my apron on. As I look over to the front I saw clay Sculptures I didn’t know quite what they are. But I did know what they were for. Here I go starting on my squishy clay. I begin crosshatching the sides then I made a letter T in the middle it stands for my last name To’a and for my uncle. When I was finished I went go put decoration on which is shiny sharp glass. There were all kind of multi colours I put green, yellow and blue. But wait, it its not finished yet. Sue and Georgia has to mold it. Can’t wait to see it!!!

Alien capture

Once upon time I was walking home one night I heard something suspicious Coming down the sky I didn’t know quite was it but it sound scary. Running my fastest back home I see a ugly stinky alien in front of face,suddenly a big space ship came and suck me in I was in a cat cage wondering if someone will save me. I looked over to the side and saw my big brother Tevita. Happily he was here to save me the alien got distracted by eating so my brother got the keys and unlocked me. Yes i’m free! That was an tyring journey, lucky I wasn't late for dinner.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Robert Delaunay was a french painter long with his wife Sonia he was even a poet and a writer he invented contrasting color also geometric shapes.  He liked to use bright vibrant colors to bring his art to life often using shapes to represent an object of  movement in his art work.

Meleane writing about Monet

Claude Monet was an impressionist french painter who enjoyed painting landscape and cityscapes. He will always capture light and colour movement in different subject or seasons.

Monet created a beautiful water garden in Giverny and used it as a subject over and over again. He liked the way how the water moved and reflect the world.

The famous painting of the Japanese bridge showed an arched bridge crossing a pond. It was surrounded with trees and shrubs which reflects the light off of the surface in the pond when the season changes.