Monday, January 24, 2011


Kia ora everyone, my name is Mr Marks and I am very proud to be a new member of the Pt England whanau. I will be teaching in room 15 during 2011 and cant wait to meet everyone on the 7th of Feb.

So, a little bit about me then. I love all sports and spend as much of my spare time as possible surfing with my wife (who is nearly better than me) and relaxing at the beach. I go to the Warriors whenever I can, I support Waikato and the Chiefs and I watch NBA online everyday as I love basketball. So you will definitely see me out on the fields whenever I get a spare moment.

I have had a great summer holiday so far with the highlight being a day at the beach with my wife. We woke up early, chucked the surfboards on the roof of the car, turned the stereo up and cruised to Hot Water Beach for a surf and a day in the sun. When we got there the sun was out the surf was really big and we were straight into the water. While catching our breaths sitting on our surfboards out the back of the waves, my wife suddenly screamed and nearly fell off her board as a big long grey shape jumped out of the water right beside her. It was a dolphin and there were two of them. So while we sat on our boards in the surf on a beautiful sunny day our two new friends dove, circled, jumped and splashed around us. It was a truly magical experience, especially considering we both caught our best waves ever on our surfboards.

So that’s just a little bit about me for now. Enjoy the rest of your holidays, make the most of each day and I look forward to posting again soon and introducing the rest of the 2011 Room 15 family.