Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week Two & Three

Well we are now three weeks into our first term of 2011 and we have been very very very busy.

Week two started with a monumentous event. WE FINALLY GOT OUR NETBOOKS! It was so exciting and we had so much to learn about how to use them. Although we really only wanted to play the cool games, we had to learn how to use them for their real purpose, which is as a learning tool. We liked school before but we love it now. Mr Marks is always surprised how early we get to school, to get online as soon as possible.
There will be more to come about our Netbooks.
So what else have we been doing in Room 15?

Every Thursday we learn how to play baseball with our awesome coach Cola. How lucky are we to be playing in such a beautiful setting.

We have started art with Mrs M.

But wait there's more...


  1. Hi room15 I really like the way you class were drawing pitcher's.
    From Studamyer.

  2. Wow Room 15, you have started with a bang!

    I have enjoyed helping you with your blogs and being there for when you went 'live' on your netbooks. I can't wait for all of the rest of exciting things we will be working on throughout the year.

    Miss Gleeson

  3. Hi Room 15,
    I think that all the students in your class are settling in really well. It sounds like you are having lots of fun playing with Cola. I wish I were you. Even doing Art with Miss M and getting your new net-books even better. Room 15 you are settling in really well. Now I know why my brother James wants to come to school early.
    Yours Sincerely Makerita.
    (Have a cool year)

  4. Hi Makerita,

    Thank you for leaving us a nice comment. We feel very lucky to have Miss M in our class as well. We love baseball every Thursday.
    How is your class settling in? We hope you are enjoying this year so far.


    Room 15

  5. playing tee ball with cola looks really fun i wish i was in your class

  6. Wow that looks really cool. Your class is an artist Mr Marks. I wish we will do that.
    Mary V


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