Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meleane's Camping Story

Some people that I know have boring holidays. I always have fun holidays.

On Saturday it was so cool because my family and I went camping just in the backyard. It seems silly but its cool. You could play all sorts of games at night time. We played spotlight. When we were finished we started to make a fire with the marshmallows my aunty bought and we made s'mores which were so delicious. Then we all went to sleep.

Eden Park by Auri Kamo

In the holidays me and my cousin went to Eden Park to perform a haka in front of 300 people. It felt great doing the haka in front of so many people. The people watching were taking photos of us. I was proud of myself, and the rest of the kids that performed.

After going back home me and my cousin went to his brothers house and we played Bang. We slept over at his house. The next day early in the morning we went for a run. I thought my holidays were great.

Immersion Assembly by Aldora Togipau

I was so thrilled to come to school today, because I wanted to see my friends. When I trudged through the entrance my friends ran up to me and hugged me. “Oh my gosh I was waiting for you, for so long", shouted Ana.

“The bell rang”, said Ana. We were late for class. So we ran and just made in time. When we got to the hall, I looked around and some of the teachers were wearing costumes , it looked so colorful.

Team 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 teachers performed items. My favourite item was team five’s because it was about primary colours and I love primary colours. The first primary colour was red. Mr barks said that red makes him feel angry. He went out the back of the stage and started to scream as if he was going to fall off the sky tower. The second colour was yellow which made him dance. Then the last colour was blue which made him cry.

The theme of this term is Art Alive. I think this Term is going to be so much fun.