Friday, October 26, 2012

Bush trip By meleane

“What an beautiful day to go hiking in the bush while it’s still day time said Dad to the family”. So they all got ready and packed some stuff and was excited to go.

“Yes  we're here said joseph”the little brother, they all hopped out of the van and they started heading off towards left. As they were walking they were searching for little creatures as big like dad’s right thumb.

Suddenly it was getting dark and joseph and gabriella were feeling kind of scared. “Mum did you bring dad compos said gabriella no” “All great, now I don’t know the direction back to the van said dad”!! It got darker and darker and they were still finding the way back.

“Oh no did you hear that said mum yes replied back joseph” They were all scared and freezing cold and turned around and saw a mama bear. AAAAAAA said the family running like a cheetah chasing a cat up a tree.

They all ran to the van and finally went home and they all had a lovely dinner.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Never Robbing Again by Faaiua

Once upon a time there was a massive shop called Sylvia Park. There were evil people inside and one of their names was Rob. His nickname is Robber because he is good at robbing shops and houses.

When Rob went to the laundromat and he stuffed all his clothes inside and turned the washing machine on, he went to the shops and had some lunch. But when Rob got back to the washing machine his shorts were tiny like his sons pants. He said “OH NO!!!”.

So Rob asked Jack if he could take him to his lab and make his shorts bigger. So he pushed him inside his lab and there it was the all new Three Sixty machine, which shrinks or makes things bigger. He was so scared because his shorts might be too big. But it was the same size as him and he said “ YAAAY”.

After he wore his pants Rob felt like he didn't want to steal any more. Rob lived never stealing again.

Trouble At the Laundry Mat.

As Tevita arrived at the laundromat  Lata put moms laundry inside the washing machine. It started spinning like an earthquake put together with a tornado!

Tevita said 
mum I’m going to the shop to buy some groceries”. As he waited he needed to go to the toilet so he went. He came back and all his mum’s clothes were on the floor soaking wet and all of her clothes were pink! Mum came back from the shop and she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her eyes were red like she ate something chilly.

Tevita's dad walked inside and saw all of the clothes on the floor. He knew what to do. So he picked up all of the laundry and put it in another machine. When it was finshed they all looked normal again.

Mum was so  happy that it wasn’t pink. They all went home and had a nice dinner together!!