Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meleane Best Rugby training ever!!

DALINGLING! “Yes the bell has rung” I said quietly to myself. Bursting off with excitement getting ready to go to our rugby training. I rushed to the toilets and immediately got changed before I was late.

Walking with my friends towards the field we saw Miss Vaafusuaga setting up the cones. First we did some warm ups and we played a game called survivor tag. Then we practiced our plan that we created yesterday and we did some cuts and draw and pass.

After we finished our game I was so relieved that we were finished. When I got changed I said to myself “what a good training” screaming out loud. Walking  really slowly back to class I took a sip of water so I didn’t get dehydrated. I bet training is better than playing on the playground I said quietly to myself. This is the BEST day ever!!!


  1. The best piece of writing from you so far this year Meleane. Fantastic effort from you. You used a variety of sentence beginnings. You have different sentence types (speech and statement). You have used interesting topic words that express you story well.

    Great work Meleane.

  2. Hi Meleane I love your piece of writing, its awesome.
    I think I spotted some mistakes in your work.
    You can really work on that. Besides I think this is you best piece of writing I've read.

    1. Why do you think that this is her best writing? By Abby J David St School.

  3. Hi Meleane

    that is some good piece of writing you have there. You even have a better sentence than me. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog I'm sure you could right better that I have done.

  5. That a awesome story, I like how you said relieved
    From Hannah Room 3 DSS

  6. how do you say Vaafusuaga? By Sky David St School Morrinsville.


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