Friday, August 3, 2012

Exhausting Running

“Oh No not again cross country training is about to begin”I said to my friend Annliz . The worse part of running is going to  Pt england reserve back to school and back to the the reserve. I just wish that we could run just halfway to the the reserve and back.

“Can all year five girls please stand against the wall” said Mr Marks. “Filling so infuriated right now” I said quietly to myself.  So here I go running towards Miss King already filling dehydrated. As I kept running it was like a lots of cars in traffic.

“Yes almost back to school” I said to Annliz, coming past Mr Marks feels like I'm inside a sizzling frying pan. Finally cross country training is finished, walking back to the classroom “I'm so exhausted” said to myself can’t have enough!

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  1. Hi I like that story because it was very descriptive and it was a good story over all

    From Jack from Rm 3 in david street school


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