Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cross Country by Ana Bloomfield

"Man" I said tiredly. Today it Cross Country I didn’t want come to school today but I didn’t want to do that just because it was cross country. So I went to school. "Hi everyone" I said, "Hey Ana" they said back. It was time to get ready to run.

Then we all went to the court sitting down waiting for all the classes to come to the court. while waiting for all the classes we had a run to be fit. "Is everyone here" Mr burt said. He is the principal, he called all the class from room 1 all the way to room 24.

Everyone was here k lets get started. "NO NO I don't want to Run" I shouted, "why" asked my teacher, "because I don’t like running" I replied. But they said no I had to run. I would be at home right now but instead I am at school running, I hate this day. OK here we are on the starting line.

GO we went like a gun shooting, I was coming first but then I had to STOP, because I was so tired I could not run. I was so angry at myself. It was like past in hour and I was still running. Finally I could see the finish line. "Yeah" I shouted, I am at school now and I don't know what I came but I was still proud of my self.

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  1. Hi room fifteen
    I love what you did it was inspiring. keep it up


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