Wednesday, November 14, 2012

News Flash - Maniakalani Film Festival 2012

Room 15 were studying the Olympic games and we talked about which sports we liked and disliked at the game. We then tried to think of some new and interesting sports that could be included at the Rio de Janero games in 2016.

Room 15 - News Flash from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


  1. Wow, that was amazing!! A ghost ball. That is so cool. Hmm I would want that in the Olympics. Room 15, you guys are just so hilarious!!

    KEEP IT UP!!

  2. Hey Room 15,

    Wow what a great movie you had. I would want to Play ghost Rugby. I would really really want that sport in the Olympics it would be so cool that you invented that game. And Cards just so amazing. Room 15 and Mr Marks you have made me so so so so so so PROUD. And your class is so hilarious. Keep up the amazing work Room 15.

    From your Classmate Sela from Room 13

  3. I like the ghost rugby l would really really like that for the Olympic keep it up guys

  4. I like the cards you did room 15 keep it up

  5. Hello Room 15
    I enjoyed the video and the flicking card game and that was skuxx
    From Kamaka

  6. Hi Room 15 ,

    I really enjoyed your Movie because it was really cool and funny it made me laugh so hard.Keep up the good work Room 15 !! And Annliz your good at playing ghost rugby!!

  7. Hi Room 15, effective use of humour in your film. Ghost Rugby made me smile. Your animation looked great on the big screen too.

  8. Hi room 15 I liked your movie because it was funny good job Hope and Laita.

    From Lily-may

  9. Hi

    Great movie and it made me laugh a lot but that would be fun if those sports ere in the next Olympics.

  10. Hi Room 15

    I really LOVE your video and it's amazing. I really think that it was funny haha lol.


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