Friday, May 25, 2012

Jackson Pollock by Grace Matatahi

Just doing our work Mr Marks told us we will be doing art. What a exciting activity. We got our A3 paper and put it on a cardboard, I sellotaped my A3 paper onto my cardboard.

I grabbed a paintbrush and splattered it on my paper. What a mess but it was cool. Have you ever splattered paint on paper before?

I used contrasting colours it was very colourful. As soon as we could we flicked, splattered and we dribbled all the colors before we packed up.  

The artist we were inspired by was Jackson Pollock. He lived in America. He was married and he smoked and drank a lot. His wife’s name was Lee krasner. He died at 44 in a car crash at an early age. He was really passionate about his art.   



  1. Hi Grace,
    You have a great story and I loved your picture
    It was so amazing.
    From Saadiya

  2. Hi Grace i like your amazing picture keep up the good work by Faioso.


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