Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meleane Youth town

Coming out of the bus getting ready to enter the beautiful studio, Youth town! I was so excited when are class was making clay first. We finally got to the room and got started making the clay. On my way to go and sit down I put my apron on. As I look over to the front I saw clay Sculptures I didn’t know quite what they are. But I did know what they were for. Here I go starting on my squishy clay. I begin crosshatching the sides then I made a letter T in the middle it stands for my last name To’a and for my uncle. When I was finished I went go put decoration on which is shiny sharp glass. There were all kind of multi colours I put green, yellow and blue. But wait, it its not finished yet. Sue and Georgia has to mold it. Can’t wait to see it!!!

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