Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hilarious Running By Meleane

“Oh no this might be a difficult challenge”  I said to my friend Annliz  with an edgy voice. I wonder how it will feel if I was in paralympics but we were  about to find out.

“ Ok room fifteen please get your self a belt and tie it around your waist and put one arm inside” said Mr Marks. It felt like I had missing limbs and my arm had disappeared. As Mr Marks blew the whistle I sprinted as hard as I could towards end of the of the court as I got back it was so


  1. Hi Meleane,
    I like the start of your writing.The part I laughed at was when you ran to the fence and back.Cool work
    hope to see more.

  2. Hi Meleane,
    I like the way you retell storie how it feels like when there is no arms or legs. KEEP IT UP. Well I cant see any mistakes that a really good thing to see. Can wait to see more.


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