Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running to Bases - by Asena

When we were on our way to play baseball we were so excited that we wanted to play straight away with-out practising. Our coach was a professional baseball player and his name was Cola. There are 4 types gear that we played baseball with and they are called bats, bases, baseballs and gloves.

I felt very nervous when we had our first practice. Getting to practice every Thursday I feel very happy. Feeling very happy makes me proud of myself.

When I hit the ball I run as fast as I can to the bases. Finally getting to the third base I had butterflies in in my stomach. Running is so hard but when I ran I made a home run!

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  1. Great recount of your experience playing baseball Asena. Great to see you all getting outside and learning to play a sport properly with a professional. Great little movie clip - good song choice too 'Hit me with your best shot' I bet you all hit your best shots!!!! :-)

    Miss G


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